NMFT, Northen Monroe Fire Territory, Northern Monroe County Fire Protection Territory
NMFT, Northen Monroe Fire Territory, Northern Monroe County Fire Protection Territory

Department History Timeline

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Some of the equipment listed here was purchased with grant funds. Apparatus and there descriptions can be viewed on the Apparatus page.

1971Bloomington Township Fire Department opens it's doors for buisness
1973James McHenry Jr. died in the line of duty while responding to an emergency in his private vehicle.
1974The department began to respond to vehicle accidents and first aid runs.
1978George Ringer died in the line of duty from a heart attack while working at the scene of a structure fire.
1982The department began to develop a hazardous materials response capability.
1990The department purchased a neighboring house to be used as offices and a training area. The training area developed into a state recognized training academy, drawing firefighters from as far away as northern Indiana and northern Kentucky.
1992The department developed into a regional hazardous materials response team covering a 5 county area.
1993The department purchases 2 semi-automatic defibrillators, becoming the first defibrillator equipped first response agency in Monroe County.
1995The department had its first international firefighter join. Erkki Kauranen from Finland contacted the department about continuing his volunteer firefighting while attending Indiana University as an international business student.
1995The department officially changed its name from Bloomington Township Fire Department to the Bloomington Township Department of Fire Emergency Services, to better reflect the diversity of services provided by the department.
1995The department celebrated 25 years of service protecting the public with an open house and awards for charter and 25 year members.
1996The department purchased its third defibrillator and placed it in service at station 15, a totally volunteer operated station at that time. The department became the first department in the county to place a defibrillator in service at a volunteer fire station.
1997Our second international student, Panagiotis Karamanos, from Greece, joined the department.
1997Our first Fire Chief, Marvin "Pete" Lockhart died after a long battle with cancer. He was buried with full fire department honors
1998Our Quint arrived from Smeal. Placed in-service September 17, 1998.
1998Quint 59 and rescue 56 dedicated at an open house.
1998Training academy officially renamed the James R. Dawson Training Academy, after 20 year Bloomington Township Trustee Jim Dawson, in recognition of his long service to the community, the fire department and to training.
1998New Rescue 56 placed in-service. Old Rescue 56 placed in-service at station 15 as Rescue 15-6.
1999Newly elected Bloomington Township Trustee Nancy Brinegar begins her term in office.
2000Training academy torn down to make room for a new station 5.

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